100 Valentine day status with Emojis 2020

100 Valentine day status with Emojis

February 14 is approaching, and many people are once again looking for romantic Valentines status for social media like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram to put a smile on their lover’s or lover’s lips. While many singles are happy when this day is over, couples like to use it to give each other extra love. For many lovers, the walk to the florist for a bouquet or the purchase of a few fine chocolates is also a must. But not everyone says this idea of ​​business, which gets more and more in the foreground on Valentine’s Day, too. For many, it is enough to show some attention on this day, for example, in the form of a joint evening or dear words. We, therefore, have the most beautiful Valentines Status for WhatsApp for you, Facebook, and Instagram. No matter if you like it romantically, funny, or rhyming: Here everyone finds his love saying for Valentine’s day status!

100 Valentine day status

Happy Valentine Day Status with emojis

You are more romantic and like to surprise your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, or husband with a few lovely words. Then we have here for you a selection of the most romantic Valentine’s quotes for status for Whatsapp. These may not only make the person on the other mobile phone smile but also make old or new emotions flare-up.

Do you know what makes me happy? 😍 Then reread the second word.

I like 👍 it when you smile 😁, but I love 💘 it if I’m the reason for that 🐰. 

Our life 🦋 can not always be full of joy 🎉 but still full of love 💖.


 Hello 👋, favorite human 😍! I just wanted to tell you once … 📢 Nice that you exist! 💐 


 I smile like a jerk 🤓 when I think of you. 


 The very best 💎 here on earth 🌎, s to be loved by you ❤! 


 Luck 🐷 is the only thing that doubles when you share it. 💏 


 What you love 💘, leave that free 💫. If it comes back, it belongs to you.

 Who gives love 💓 does not get weaker richer 🌈. 


 On Valentine’s Day, lovers donate thousands of 🌹 kilos 🍫 and fragrant 🎁 – but I’ll give you my mine .


. Who loves 😍 who lives. You keep me alive! 


Always take good care of yourself”. I have a lot more to do with you! 


To experience love ❤ is one of the most exquisite pleasures 🍷in the world 🌍. 


Stay a while! “Wie,” How long? “A life. “💕


The perfect ✅ life is never 💩. But some people make it perfect. 


 I have only one weakness. You💞!


For the world 🌎 you are somebody 🚹🚺, but for me, you and 😍 the world 💑. 


Anyone who stays with you despite your mistakes loves you 😘. 


Whether near 🏡, far away,I will always be with you! 🌹


 And at some point, a person 💎 comes into your life, which gives you the feeling, to be home,, matters where you are 🏕. 

Valentines day Funny Status

Valentines day Funny Status

If you are one of those, who do not take Valentine’s Day seriously, the following selection of Valentine’s Day is perfect for you. Whether desperate single with self-irony, ambiguous allusion or black couple-humor: Here everyone gets his share of love on the phone – meant more or less dangerous.

 Morning 🌝 I can not eat anything because I love you 😍! At lunchtime, 🌖 I can not eat anything because I love you 😍! In the evening 🌘 I can not eat anything because I love you 😍! At night 🌚 I can not sleep, BECAUSE I HUNGER 😝 HAVE! 


The roses are piercing, the violets are stinking 🤢, shit on the flowers, we’re going to have a drink! 


My girlfriend 💃 is easy to care for Valentine’s Day. 😇 She only wants one card 💌. Visa or Mastercard, 💳 she does not care.


Valentine’s Day is like New Year’s Eve. Some pop, the others sit alone in front of the TV 📺. 


 You are not just the hammer”, but the whole toolbox.🛠⚙🔫❤ 


 I’m here ⬇, you’re there ⬆. One of us is in the wrong place! 


  I 😻 wanted to send you something beautiful, loving, empathetic, and erotic, but unfortunately,� I do not fit on a display.


 The love relationship 💑 is an attempt to cope with problems you would never have had alone! 


 Take me to the edge 🌪 of madness; from there, I know the way 🚏. 


 The most important ✅ things should always be with you. I’m just wondering how to stuff you in my purse 👜! “


 Dear November children: Your parents were not just eating romantic food on Valentine’s Day. “


 This is a coupon message 📩! It applies to an infinite number of kisses 💋 and must be redeemed by spätestens tomorrow at the latest …! “


Rhymed Valentines Day Status

Even if you do not grasp the classic card or letter, would you still like to keep it a bit traditional if you confess your love? Rhyming Valentines‘ status is always a good alternative if you communicate your words digitally.

And when we split miles, I’m glad 😅 we know each other. You are one of those people you never forget 💡 because you are something special💎. 


 I love you, I love you, how to write that, I do not know. If grammar 📚 is not right either, I love you, and that’s important.🌹 “


 Evening 🌛 quietly, went a peck 😘 on the journey 🛸, flew in secret to you and you know what? It was mine! 💕 


 I’ll say it briefly ⏱ in one sentence: You are my greatest treasure 💎! 


 Like a Nike 👟 without air, like a rubber without bear 🐻, like a shower 🚿 without that, like a counter without 🎼 bass, like the sun ☀ without stitches, that would be my life without you 💗! 


 You are my luck 🍀, you are my star ⭐, even if you are crazy 😜, I like you! 


 With heart 💞 and greetings 💌, I would like to sweeten the day 🍭. 


 In my heart ❤ you are always in it. That’s why I’m thinking of you – not just St. Valentine! 


 I send you a kiss 💋 because on the day of the lovers I have to think you! 


 Valentine ❤ is the most beautiful day if you like flowers 💐. But because I have no flowers for you, I say 💭 that I want you😊 “


All my love, ❤ I will give you until we float over all the clouds ☁. For you are the only one on this earth that I will always love. 


Do you love beauty, then do not love me, because there are thousands of beautiful 👯♀👯♀👯♀ for you. But if you love love 💜, then only love me, because none loves you as much as me. 


 The earth needs rain, the plant needs light, the sky needs stars, and I need you! 


Day 🌝 and night, 🌚 I have to think of you, distract me in vain 😒. I am so glad that you exist because I am in love with you. 


I can hardly tell you, it’s so hard for me, but it’s just like that, I love you very much!


I hope you feel the same way and for me and can tell me, and I love you too!


The most beautiful feeling in the world 🎇 if your hand ✋ holds mine. Just a hug in your arm makes my whole heart warm 🔥! 


 I was thinking of you ☺, and it was so much fun that I decided right away: I’ll do it all day! 


 My whole heart 💓, I give it to you. And the valentines 🌹🌹🌹 are mine too. 


I would wander through every desert 🏜, and I would swim 🏊♂ through every sea 🐠, I would instantly fall in love with you 😍, i were ready


 W.ill, you take good care of my heart ❤? I’ve left it with you 🔑! 


 Valentine’s Day is a beautiful day to tell you how much I love you … But Valentine’s Day or not: I love you too, so much! 

Why are we celebrating Valentine’s Day?

Thus, Valentin of Rome is said to have married couples as ecclesiastical couples, even though at the time there was a ban by Emperor Claudius II. After the wedding, he is said to have given the newlywed couple flowers from his garden. According to tradition, Valentine of Rome was beheaded on February 14, 269 because of his Christian faith. Valentin von Terni, on the other hand, was known for his healing abilities. He too was beheaded after refusing the sacrifice to the emperor. So it is quite possible that this is the same Saint Valentine who is honored today on the day of his death, February 14th.

And why do we give each other flowers?

There remains the question to clarify why lovers in love for Valentine’s Day give flowers. The custom of giving each other flowers on February 14 can be traced back to antiquity. On the 14th of February, the pagan goddess Juno was remembered in ancient Rome. This was considered a protector of marriage and family. At the so-called Lupercalia festival, they have also sacrificed flowers and by lottery, couples were verkuppelt for a year.