15+ birthday cake Ideas for men with recipes 2020

No matter how young or old this special man is in your life, a perfect birthday cake for men can only make the occasion more beautiful. As an indispensable attribute of every birthday, the cake must not only be delicious but also personal. Just take some time to read our ideas and recipes and you will quickly find that you can make a cake for men yourself. We would like to share this with you and your special husband. Regardless of whether it is your father, husband or brother, no man can resist a birthday cake specially designed for him, although many gentlemen claim that they do not like sweets. Here you can get 15+ birthday cake Ideas for men with recipes 2020 and more.

Birthday cake for men recipe:

15+ birthday cake Ideas for men with recipes 2020

15+ birthday cake Ideas for men with recipes 2020

Contrary to popular belief that men are indifferent to sweets, this is more of a misconception. The fact that strong representatives of sex eat no less sweetly than women is confirmed in numerous surveys and studies. So you don’t even want to admit this little weakness to yourself and like to take in all sorts of goodies. For this reason, an unusual birthday cake for men can not only be a delicious dessert, but also an original gift for spouses, fathers, grandfathers, colleagues and many more.

happy birthday cake for men

Funny birthday cakes for men and themed cakes are very popular these days. However, these cost a lot of money in the pastry shops, while it is not that difficult to prepare such a treat with your own hands. The main thing is to show imagination. You can also work with your children on this fascinating activity, although it is better to prepare items for decorating treats in advance – they are long-lasting. A man’s anniversary cake should not only be delicious but also chic. This should also reflect his strength and masculinity, as well as his life achievements and successes. Such pleasure can convey the love of people around him.

Make number cake yourself

Make your own number cake with yellow digits and fondant cake motifs

The so-called letter cake is a new trend in the art of baking. A 20-year-old confectioner from Israel was to blame for the enormous popularity of the unusual dessert. The idea is simple: thin dough crusts are cut out in the form of numbers or letters and combined with cream or cake icing.

Ingredients for the dough

Pour the cake batter into the form and bake in the oven on baking paper

  • Chicken egg – 2 pieces
  • Sugar – 165 g
  • Butter – 110 g
  • Honey – 95 g
  • Salt – 2 g
  • Baking powder – 5 g
  • Flour – 420 g

For the cake icing

preparation of cake batter for men cake with mixer in bowl


Crafts with 2-year-old children – 20 ideas with different materials

  • Icing sugar – 75 g
  • Cream cheese – 440 g
  • white chocolate – 185 g
  • Whipped cream – 175 g

For the glaze:

  • Mango puree – 135 g
  • Sugar – 25 g
  • Corn starch – 12 g


Cake bottom with cocoa shapes as numbers for age of the birthday child

  1. Sugar for dough, salt, honey and butter are placed in a container and heated. Stir until everything has dissolved.
  2. Add eggs and heat the mass, but do not cook.
  3. Add baking soda. The foam will appear and the volume of the composition will increase.
  4. Add the flour by the spoon and then knead the dough. At this point, you don’t have to remove the stickiness of the product and increase the amount of flour.
  5. Place the finished dough ball in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours.
  6. Roll out the dough 3 mm and cut it in half (you need two trays).
  7. Bake the cake batter in the oven at 175 ° C
  8. Then cut the cake bases into suitable pieces with a kitchen knife in order to be able to form the desired numbers.
  9. First, prepare a cream and chocolate ganache.
  10. Then stir the cream cheese vigorously with powdered sugar.
  11. Pour the ganache into the cream and beat until smooth with a mixer.
  12. First, place the first cake base on a cake platter and cover it with cream and a sweet composition in the form of balls with a piping bag. First around the circumference, then within the contour. Fill the space between the balls with mango jam.
  13. Cover with a second cake base, which you cover again with cream and mango puree.
  14. Decorate the cake according to the creative concept from the example and let it rest for a few hours.

Men’s cake with fondant

fondant birthday cake for men as a cognac bottle with glass in a box

Another myth is that men don’t care what the dish looks like. The main thing is, it tastes delicious. On the contrary, they notice even the smallest details and can actually appreciate the beauty of the desert with their eyes. Therefore, the decoration of the cake for a man for his birthday must be carefully considered. Depending on the character of your birthday child, you can also prepare the appropriate motif cakes with fondant yourself.


Take the baked cake bases out of the oven and let them cool

  • Cake bases – 4 pieces
  • sour cream – 260 g
  • Buttercream – 420 g
  • Fondant – 220 g
  • white chocolate – 180 g
  • dark chocolate – 180 g
  • Food coloring
  • powdered sugar


money cake for men with cigars and dollar banknotes

  1. Brush the cake bases with sour cream first, fold them over each other and put them all in the fridge for about 2 hours.
  2. You can then treat the top and sides of the dessert with the buttercream.
  3. First, divide the white fondant into parts and paint them in the desired colors.
  4. Then roll out the portion that is intended to cover the cake.
  5. Transfer the layer of fondant to the cake with a rolling pin and cover the top and side surfaces by carefully aligning them. Cut off any excess fondant.
  6. Make a congratulatory inscription with cream or melted chocolate in a contrasting tone.

medal cake for men with cream and decorative elements

  1. Then take the figures to decorate the cake. For example, you can use coins to request money, or use the image of a man with a fishing rod for an angler, sports equipment or a medal for an athlete, etc.
  2. Melt the chocolate and draw decorative elements on baking paper with a brush. Then cool them down and finally remove them from the baking paper.
  3. Place figures made of fondant and chocolate as ingredients on the birthday cake for men and embody the conceived composition.
  4. Finally, you can use soft chocolate to attach it.

Cake for colleagues

cake for colleagues for 60th anniversary

Men are largely conservative in the workplace, not just when it comes to nutrition. The category of sweets is no exception. However, you can, of course, prepare for a colleague’s anniversary with a complex, thematic design or unusual shape. But the birthday child is no less happy with a traditional cake that you can prepare with heart and love.

Ingredients for the dough

Prepare a homogeneous mixture with egg yolk and cocoa for a men's cake

  • Flour – 750 g
  • Water – 150 ml
  • alcoholic drink of your choice – 50 ml
  • Apple cider vinegar – 20 ml
  • Chicken egg – 2 pieces
  • Salt – a pinch
  • Margarine – 420 g
  • oil

For the glaze

Cover the cake bases with cream and other ingredients

  • Milk – 1.4 l
  • Vanilla sugar – 20 g
  • Chicken egg yolk – 7 pieces
  • Sugar – 340 g
  • Flour – 90 g
  • Butter – 30 g
  • Cream cheese – 330 g
  • pudding


Calorie bomb chocolate cream cake with desserts and whiskey bottle for men.jog

  1. For the cream, first, mix the egg yolk with sugar until a homogeneous mass is created.
  2. Add milk and keep stirring.
  3. Add the flour and vanilla sugar and beat until everything is homogeneous.
  4. Bring the milk to a boil and add to the mixture with the egg yolk.
  5. On low heat, stirring constantly until the mixture thickens.
  6. Add oil and let cool.
  7. Crush cold cream. Combine with pudding without interrupting the process of combining the components.
  8. Mix cold water, alcohol, and vinegar for the cake icing.
  9. Beat the eggs with salt and pour them in the drinking water.
  10. Cut the butter and flour into small crumbs, place in the egg mixture and knead the dough.
  11. Then divide the cake batter into 12 parts and keep them cold for at least an hour.
  12. Roll out each part thinly on baking paper, cut out the desired shapes and bake them at 200 ° C in the preheated oven. Do not throw away separated dough pieces, but bake with the cake batter.
  13. Put the cake bases together and spread each with cream.

cream cake covered with black chocolate and garnished with strawberries

Decorating with biscuit nuts or crumbs is traditional and allows you to focus on the taste of the dessert. Chocolate is a universal ingredient that helps to make an anniversary cake elegant and solemn without affecting the taste. Congratulations inscription, numbers and other decorations made of melted chocolate, you just have to transfer to the cake. It is also appropriate to use fruits and berries for decoration.

How to decorate a birthday cake for men

30 birthday cakes for men with women from the men’s cake

The idea of ​​design is stimulated by the nature of the birthday child’s activities and hobbies, his dreams and aspirations. On the other hand, you can express your own wishes to the man with the help of decorative elements. The best way to realize these ideas and fantasies is on the cake for men with fondant, chocolate, cream, and frosting. The most popular themed cakes are:

  • cars
  • money
  • fishing
  • Sports
  • Women

white birthday cake for men with name and shape

In addition, a birthday cake for men can be made both in the form of numbers that correspond to the age of the birthday child, his initials, as well as in the traditional form or in the form of a heart. Cake decoration is also often associated with the zodiac sign of the hero of the occasion or the equivalent of the Chinese zodiac. Congratulations on letters are also an important element when decorating a birthday cake.

birthday cake for men with colored candies and chocolates tied with a bow

Do n’t reject them because of bad calligraphy. The main idea, however, is to convey your warmth and love in words. In addition, when creating an inscription and a complex pattern on the cake, it is recommended to use a stencil and sprinkle powdered sugar, grated chocolate, or cocoa over it. The numbers in the inscriptions and decorations should be the most striking and should have a high priority on the cake. They are often voluminous and installed vertically.

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