20 Romantic Quotes for your Valentines Day Cards 2020

Have you planned Valentine’s Day? You can take your partner to a romantic place, prepare a surprise that he or she does not expect, and be sure to offer you an unforgettable moment for two. But there is something, a small detail, that can not be missed if you want your Valentine’s Day gift to be exceptional. Do you know what it is? A love card, of course!  And by the map of love, we hear, of course, a dedication that you have written with your hand through our 20 Romantic Quotes for your Valentines Day Cards.

Tips for writing your Valentines Day card

You want to write, but you are not inspired? No worries! Learning to express each thing that one feels in words can be a difficult task for anyone. For this reason, we bring you today a solution through  20 romantic quotes. It’s up to you to choose which one you prefer based on your desires and your mood. If you are not very good with words and want to do more, you can always make a pretty card yourself.

Love Quotes for Valentines Day Card

The verb To love is the most complicated of the language. His past is never simple; his present is only imperfect, and his future always conditional.


There are two kinds of love: unsatisfied love, which makes you disgusting and satisfying love, which makes you stupid.

Ah! Love love loves. When it takes, you should run away.


Since love is blind, it is very important to touch.

Declaration Quotes For Valentines Day

To love is to surpass oneself.


I fell in love with him as we fall asleep. First slowly. Then all of a sudden.


I thought that to seduce her, and I had to make her laugh. But the worst part is that every time she laughed, I fell in love.


The rain falls as we fall in love: by thwarting the forecasts.


True love is not spent. The more you give, the more you have left.

Long Distance Quotes for Valentines Day card

Only one is missing you, and everything is depopulated.


I carry your heart in my heart. I’m never without him, and wherever I go, you go. And that’s the miracle that shines the stars of my sky.


Absence is to love what fire is to the wind; He turns off the little one, he turns on the big one.


Distance is nothing when we love each other so much.


The heart knows neither time nor distance.

Romantic Quotes for Valentines Day card

Love is as clear as day, and love is as pure as hello, love is bare as the hand; it is your love and mine.


To love is not to look at each other; it is to look together in the same direction.


And as every day I love you more,


Today more than yesterday and much less than tomorrow.


When we love, we are the universe, and the world lives in us.


Of all the passions, love is the one that most disturbs reason.

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