Cute Valentines Day Ideas For her 2020

You are one of the people who love Valentines Day? Then on the 14th of February, you want to make something special with your sweetheart – or maybe you even have a first Valentine’s Day date? All the better, then we have great tips for you here. Are you still looking for a cute Valentine’s Day date? We have some ideas on how to spend the day of love. Cute Valentines Day Ideas For her.

Valentines Day Ideas

Valentines Day Dates Ideas

Whether you have a crush or have been together for a long time – dating on Valentine’s Day can be very special. Assuming she’s doing it right. One mistake that many couples make: they expect too much of Valentine’s Day. Because at the end of February, 14th is also just a typical day.

But the question is: how do we spend the day of the lovers? What do women like, but also men? What does justice to our love? We have the following ideas for you.

1. Let chance decide

Valentine day

Each of you thinks up three to five dates ideas, write them on a piece of paper and put them in a jar. Then a piece of writing is drawn – and hey, you have the perfect activity for Valentine’s Day. Of course, you can also pull out two notes with two Valentine’s Day dates – in which case you can take two containers – one for your idea and one for your loved one. Remember, if the ideas of a reservation require to advance, you should not spontaneously, but a week before Valentine’s draw.

2. Off to the ice

Okay, sounds a bit cheesy, maybe. But when, if not on Valentine’s Day, can you get cheesy and live the love? Look for your old skates, and then you start. In your city, there is sure to be an outdoor rink! If you are lucky, there will be some snow on the 14th of February. Pure romance! But beware: some men are not so into ice sports. In that case, you should instead go sledding!

3. Dance, sing, smooch

Dance, sing, smooch

It does not have to be a heavy metal band – it might not seem so romantic. Otherwise, concerts are great for dating. You can cuddle, kiss, dance together, and certainly enjoy a few love songs. If you are already in a relationship, then you probably already know your musical taste. But if you are getting to know each other, you can learn a lot about the taste of the beloved at such a concert.

4th Valentine’s Day date in the spaValentine's Day date in the spa

How romantic is that, please? Kiss under the waterfall, relax in the whirlpool and gaaaaanz much cuddle. Best with a subsequent meal and hotel night. So you can surprise the loved one super. That’s how love is fun!

No money? No problem: These Valentine’s Dates spare your wallet

1. The romantic date at home

Dance, sing, smooch

A dinner together, watching a movie, cuddling, having sex … who says you have to go outside on Valentine’s Day? To make the evening even more unique, you can, for example, choose a destination for the next vacation together, play a Love board game or try one of the following experimental things.

2. A snow walk

A snow walk

If you are wintery on Valentine’s Day, nothing is more romantic than a nice walk through the snow. Holding hands, make a snowball fight, and do not forget the smooching in between!

3. Wellness for Two

Very easy at home! Go swimming, massage each other, relax … Wellness is not only fun with the best friend! And best of all, you do not have to worry about Valentine’s outfit.

4th couple yoga

couple yoga

In your gym or just at home. Doing yoga as a couple can even be quite an exercise! Here are a few activities for inspiration.

5th movie off!

couple movies off

Surely you have Netflix or a few DVDs on the shelf. Perfect! Because at the movie night, you can cuddle what the stuff holds. And on Valentine’s Day, your sweetheart will surely watch a love movie with you!

6th game night

games night

It also goes in pairs and is perfect if you like to play. Of course, erotic board games are best for Valentine’s Day – but even classics like Monopoly or Uno can be fun.

7. Museum

Okay, now it does not sound too romantic. But specific exhibitions make you want to love – such as pictures of Klimbt (“The Kiss”). In many cities, some shows are free. Inquire!

8. Small jaunt

Do you drive a nice car? No problem. Agreed on a test drive in a dealership. Well, the Lamborghini, maybe they will not be able to get out quickly. But fortunately, there are plenty of chic alternatives.Cute Valentines Day Ideas For her.

By the way, Valentine’s Day can also be as beautiful as a single. Do we have some ideas for you: Singles on Valentines day?

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