Friendship Day 2019 Celebration In Different Countries

Friendship Day Celebration In Different Countries

Though the dates for Friendship Day are different among the different countries but the only motto of the day is to fully enjoy with the friends Different countries have their own tradition or ways we say of celebrating this auspicious Friendship Day.

Friendship Day In USA

Friendship Day in US is celebrated on the very first Sunday of August same as in India. And as the name of the day tells, the aim of the day is to meet all the friends, old and new.

Friendship Day In Argentina

Friendship Day in Argentina is commended on 20th of July every year. As the day is not an Argentine public holiday so the mates gather at evening and rest you know what is done.

Friendship Day In Brazil

Brazil too celebrate this true bond and relation on July 20th with chilling with the best buddies and having the grand parties on the eve of this day.

Friendship Day In Finland and Estonia

In Finland & Estonia there is no as such a complete dedicated Friendship Day as in the other countries. They honor this true and real bond on the Valentine’s Day.

Friendship Day In Paraguay

The day of July 30 is considered as Friendship Day in Paraguay and celebration are a generic sight in the pubs, discos and bars. Invisible Friend (Amigo Invisible) is considered a tradition here and played on this special eve.

Friendship Day In Peru

Till 2009 Peru celebrated Friendship Day along with the Valentine’s Day. And after this Peru celebrates “El dia del Amigo” i.e., Friend’s Day. The day was proposed by Pilsen Callao and differentiated it from Valentine’s Day.

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