Halloween decoration ideas: Classic in black, white, orange and gold color

Halloween decoration ideas

Can you love Halloween or not? I’m looking forward to crafting tricks or treats for the children in the neighborhood every year (but even more: handing them out when the little monsters are at the door). Or to decorate And of course on our annual Halloween dinner party with friends, which has somehow become naturalized with the help of Halloween decoration ideas.


Halloween is decorated traditionally in black, white, and orange. The corresponding deco and costume offer ranges from creepy to terrible or just terrible (ugly).

But I think it can also be glamorous. “Classy” and adult instead of creepy and cheesy. With classic elements plus a bit of glitter and bling.

Here you will find many ideas on how you can bring a little glamor into your Halloween: No matter whether you are throwing a Halloween party, inviting to a Halloween dinner round, or planning a friendly get-together (girls’ evening, cheers and big cups)! 🙂

So much I can tell you in advance: You have implemented all ideas easy-peasy and last-minute. Promised!!

Halloween decoration ideas

The net is full of great blogs where you can find lots of Halloween freebies. So print templates for the “quick look.” Because with a freebie, you save yourself the purchase of (mostly kitschy) Halloween decorations and can quickly, easily, and cheaply trim your existing decorative elements such as vases, bottles, straws, and so on for Halloween.

For the glamorous Halloween motto, I used the right freebie from the Pickposh blog, which you can download here.

Halloween decoration ideas

Download it once, print it out, and cut it out: you’re ready to start decorating. For example, like this:

  • Pictures (printed in A3-A5) are framed as a centerpiece for the sweets table.
  • Round labels with tesa stuck to serving items such as paper cups, bowls, or vases provide a little extra decoration in the right style.
  • Attached to wooden skewers or straws, the labels also do well as a cake topper.
  • Flags attached to a straw make drinking even more fun.
  • The various graphics are also suitable for tricks or treats (who says that only children are happy about a surprise bag …?!).
  • Labels stuck on a ribbon, or paper plates make a great garland or backdrop for the sweet table or a photo corner.
Halloween decoration ideas
Halloween decoration ideas


For room and table decorations, too, there are many simple ways to incorporate a little glamor. Who needs thin plastic ribbons with blood stains and stuff when decoration can be so simple:

  • Cotton wool, cotton wool, and again cotton wool: because you use it to decorate all rooms with Rucki zucki. Whether plants, pumpkins, pictures or galleries, shelves, lampshades, or chairs. With cotton wool and a few spiders here and there, the decoration is not only done very quickly but also cheap.
  • Natural elements such as pine cones, horse mackerel (especially in vases), and, of course, pumpkins should not be missing.
  • Matching pumpkin decorations are quickly done by sticking them with confetti or masking tape, for example. I have summarized even more ideas for pumpkin decoration hacks in this blog post.
  • You can make DIY garlands in a few minutes with freebie or crepe paper: screw it in as a tassel (or even faster: simply as ribbons) and hang it on a ribbon.
  • Candlesticks have not only the appropriate block candles, but also skulls, pumpkins, or pine cones. With a plate, you also have suitable cake stands for your Halloween snacks.
Halloween decoration ideas

Halloween decoration ideas

Halloween decoration ideas


sweet table is an excellent solution for every party: Because it is set up quickly, it is beautifully decorated as an eye-catcher, and your guests can simply serve themselves as they please.

Of course, it could also be called “Spicy Table” by merely replacing sweets with good ones. But since there is “trick or treat,” especially on Halloween, a sweet table is recommended.

On top of that comes everything that tastes and can be quickly taken as finger food, especially in small bites.

For example:

Popcorn (served in boxes), marshmallow pops (one of my party food favorites, you can find the recipe here ), brownies (recipe here ), cookies, or just anything you want. Optionally provided with appropriate names (“ghost cake,” “enchanted witch bites,” etc.), you save yourself time-consuming monster cakes with food colors, eyes, or other Schicchi.

Halloween decoration ideas

Personally, these whole monster/ghost and “quickly a few googly eyes” snacks for a (glamorous) Halloween party with adults are just too playful. With and for children, okay. But the time saved for elaborate meal decoration remains for … the mixing of fancy Halloween cocktails. Or a good old punch bowl with an ice cube hand. Or the costume. Or, or, or.

But as is so often the case, it’s just a matter of taste! 🙂


You can also find vintage Halloween items in black, white, orange, and gold online, for example.

Halloween decoration ideas

I used the following items that Pickposh made available to me:

  • Striped paper plate
  • Paper plate black/gold “who ate my cake.”
  • Lined paper cups (to match the plates)
  • Straws
  • Gold glitter garland
  • Masking tape (perfect for DIY wreaths)
  • Bakers Twine
  • black boxes
  • Honeycomb balls
  • Wooden cutlery
  • Cotton wool and spiders
  • Tissue paper confetti