Halloween Party | Decoration Tips and Ideas to Make You Scary

A Halloween party is the perfect opportunity to slip into scary costumes and turn your own home into a haunted castle or zombie cemetery. With our DIY tips, you can have a gruesomely beautiful celebration!

On the night before All Saints’ Day, from October 31 to November 1, ghosts come to life, skeletons are up to mischief and pumpkin faces shine out of dark corners.

The origin of Halloween – from tradition to party

The reference to the symbolism from the underworld arises from another day of remembrance: At the Christian festival of All Souls’ Day on November 2, which follows All Saints’ Day, Catholics traditionally commemorate their deceased and all unfortunate souls in purgatory. Initially based in Catholic Ireland, the customs of All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day celebrated there were brought to the United States by Irish immigrants in the 19th century. There they continued these traditions and expanded them even more.

The custom-developed into a kind of folk festival in the United States and Canada. From the 90s, Halloween found its way into continental Europe – and thus also in Germany, where today many people also celebrate a Halloween party.

The fact that illuminated pumpkins are now being set up around the world comes from the Irish legend about the villain Jack Oldfield, who was not allowed to go to heaven or hell after his death – he had both access through a trade with the devil and his not very Christian life closed to heaven as well as to hell itself. But the devil pitied him when he turned him away and sent him back to the gate of heaven, and gave him a turnip and a piece of glowing coal. Jack hollowed out the turnip, put the fuel in it, and made a kind of lantern with which he wandered between the worlds from then on – always on the eve of All Saints’ Day. So the hollowed-out vegetables became a symbol of Halloween.

Since there were more pumpkins than turnips in the USA, they were hollowed out instead, and a candle was placed in them. The grimaces should ward off evil spirits or the devil. And it is precisely in this form that you know them to this day at every Halloween party.

halloween party

Invitations for your Halloween party

As is well known, Halloween is celebrated on October 31. So that your guests have enough time to take care of their costumes, you should send out the invitations in a good time.

We have a few chic invitation cards for your Halloween party: for example an invitation with ghosts, a folding card with bats and witches, and if you don’t want it to be so scary, we also have an invitation card with funny pumpkins. It is best to also write in the invitation whether there is a specific theme for the costume.

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Scary decoration for your Halloween party

An eerie atmosphere should of course not be missing at any Halloween party! This is the only way you can scare your guests a little bit. We have found a few eerily beautiful DIY ideas for you that are easy to implement and still very useful!

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Scary eyes

Take an empty kitchen roll and cut scowling eyes out of the cardboard. You put a glowing glow stick inside. It’s best to place the whole thing in a dark place so that only the glowing eyes can be seen – for example in a shrub in the garden or in a closet that is ajar. Then all you have to do is wait until a guest at your Halloween party comes by and is frightened.

Floating spirits

The “floating” ghosts can later be placed anywhere on your Halloween party. They look like they’re just flying over the surface. For a floating mind, you need:

  • large cheesecloth in white
  • old plastic bottle
  • Elastic band
  • Styrofoam ball, table tennis ball or a small balloon
  • about 30 centimeters of wire
  • Starch dissolved in a spray bottle

First, you put the ball or balloon on the bottle – the ball will shape the mind’s head (possibly fix it to the bottle). Then you attach two wires to the bottle as arms – so that the spirit “spreads out” its robe. This works great if you wrap the wire around the neck of the bottle and let the two ends stick out. The cheesecloth is now placed over the ball, attached to the “house” of the spirit with a rubber band, and then placed over the rest of the bottle. It should rest on the surface when doing handicrafts so that the ghost at the Halloween party looks like it is floating.

Finally, spray the mind with strength – for this, it is imperative to use the hard power! When the ghost is appropriately dry, you can remove the substructure and the ghost “floats” by itself, as it only rests with a few folds of the cheesecloth. If you like, you can carefully paint a face on it.

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A must-have at any Halloween party: pumpkin lanterns

On Halloween, the typical pumpkin lanterns are of course also part of the decoration concept! Whether in front of the house on the stairs or at the window in the apartment – in the dark, the pumpkin heads with their flickering eyes always create a gruesome effect. With a little skill, you can give the pumpkin a whole new face. In the gallery, we have collected a few strong ideas that can inspire you for your Halloween party.

Variation: This is how the grimace gets a real facial expression

Turn the pumpkin on its side, so the stem is facing you when you work on it. To make sure it stands securely, you can cut off a flat slice at the bottom. Then cut off a lid on the top of the pumpkin, hollow out the body as usual and then start with the grimace. The eyes should be carved into the grooves. It looks like the pumpkin is squinting its eyes. The handle automatically becomes the nose. You can then cut out the mouth anywhere below the stem. The unique decoration for your Halloween party is ready.

halloween party

Food and drinks for Halloween:

With these delicacies, your guests have to overcome themselves to access them – because appetizing is different! And that’s precisely how it should be at your Halloween party!

The ice-cold hand

The ice-cold hand – namely an iced hand – ensures cold drinks and a moment of horror for your party guests. Simply fill a thin latex glove with water and freeze. Then you remove the glove from the ice and put it in the bowl with a punch. For a special effect, you can color the water with juice or food coloring before freezing.

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Yuck, worms!

How about a few worms for dessert for the guests of your Halloween party? No? Not even if it only contains these ingredients?

  • Two packets of jelly, raspberry or cherry
  • 3-4 packets of gelatine
  • 200 ml whipped cream
  • Four tablespoons of sugar
  • 2–3 cups of water (boiling)
  • Food coloring in red and green

From this, you prepare a kind of firm jelly according to the instructions on the jelly package and add some liquid whipped cream and a few drops of food coloring. To get the whole thing into worm form, you’ll also need:

  • Straws – the more comprehensive, the better
  • Two elastic bands
  • One tall vessel, glass, etc., in which you can place the straws

You tie the straws together with the elastic bands and place them firmly in the container. Then you fill the liquid jelly with a funnel into the straws. Let cool down until the mixture is firm! Then hold the straws briefly under warm water to loosen the “worms” from the straws. The funny and nasty dessert fun for your Halloween party is ready.

No Halloween party without a pumpkin dish

Of course, a Halloween party doesn’t just have to be “unsavoury”. If you want to offer “normal” dishes, pumpkin soup or pumpkin muffins are perfect. You can serve the soup directly in the hollowed-out pumpkin.

halloween party

You can also decorate simple shortbread cookies or muffins like spiders, pumpkins or ghosts. That fits the motto, but it still looks appetizing.
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Costume Ideas for your Halloween party

If you don’t want to buy an expensive Halloween costume, you can put together a creepy costume yourself with a few simple tricks – and become a horror star at your Halloween party.

Straight out of the crypt with crawling vermin

You need this:

  • One transparent tights
  • small insect figures made of plastic
  • white or gray wool

Take a pair of see-through tights and stick a few tiny plastic bugs and spiders from the toy store on them. There is also a spider in the hair. You can pluck “cobwebs” from white or gray wool and wrap them around your body. The perfect costume for your Halloween party is ready!

Bloody business

Fake blood is an excellent accessory if you want to celebrate Halloween with your friends. You can easily make this yourself with three ingredients that you probably have at home.

  • Syrup (not too dark and not too sticky, like agave syrup; maple syrup is ideal! (To make syrup yourself: boil 225 g sugar with 75 ml water)
  • red food coloring
  • some cocoa powder

Mix everything. Add the food coloring and cocoa depending on the desired color intensity. The cocoa not only makes the “blood” a little darker but also thicker. Then you can smear it on your face and other skin areas and paint wounds as you like. So it will be horrific at your Halloween party, and your guests will be amazed.

halloween party
Real make-up professionals do very different things with fake blood and make-up – here is just one example:
halloween party

Monster hands

You need this:

  • One pair of latex gloves
  • Ten plastic fingernails
  • Window color colors

This accessory for your costume is also perfect for a Halloween party. But not for the faint of heart! To tinker monster hands, thin latex gloves are used again. For creepy long claws, glue artificial fingernails to the fingertips of the gloves. With Window Color you can give the gloves warts or flakes.

In the end, you can paint the gloves with Window-Color in the monster color of your choice. Paint the fingernails with nail polish, preferably in red or black. Before the nail polish is completely dry, smear it with a toothpick. This gives the nails an additional structure and looks like claws. A scary idea for a Halloween party!

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Trick or Treat?

Kids have a lot of fun going from door to door in costumes and asking for candy! Ofcourse, you have to be prepared for it. We even have a matching “Trick or Treat invitation card” invitation card. At your Halloween party, you can then distribute specially designed sweets as guest gifts among your guests.

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But what is most important and you absolutely must not forget, are your invitation cards.

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