Happy Valentines day I love you | 12 Sweet Ideas 2020

“Actions speak louder than words,” is the saying. Even with proof of love, “doing” is more convincing than “chatting.” Here are 12 sweet deeds to express your feelings. I love you valentine.

Happy valentines to the love of my life

Happy valentines to the love of my life

Whether in the introductory phase, in a partnership, or marriage – a little proof of love in between is a balm for every relationship and lets the butterflies fly longer. But many find it challenging to turn they’re innermost outward or to find the right words for proof of love. The good news: you don’t have to!

If you want to show your love to your partner, you don’t need grand declarations of love on a scented letterhead. Neither does he have to recite romantic sayings from great poets? No, the good thing about proofs of love is that they are much more effective if you do without words entirely – and prefer to let actions speak.

What is proof of love

What is proof of love, anyway?

A proof of love is everything that gives the other person the feeling of being a particular person – and being loved. The list is, of course, long. We have 12 gestures for inspiration.

Come closer! Talk to the body

Come closer! Talk to the body

Kissing, hugging, tenderly brushing a strand of hair off your face: All of these are lovely little gestures that you can use to show your partner your love – even outside of your feathers and without merely saying, “I love you.”

I’ll do it for you! Take on tedious tasks

Crouch in the waiting room with the ailing child. Call the stuffy electrician. Dusting off the garden chairs – we are not busy with many responsibilities. The higher the proof of love when the other signals: “Leave it, I’ll do it.”

admiring the other

Proud like Oskar: admiring the other

Be there when the partner is on stage at the theatre performance – and then enthusiastically tell about it in the circle of friends. Honestly admire and praise each other’s organizational talent – in short: to be proud of the partner and to show it – one of the most beautiful proofs of love ever!

It’s done: Cooking something nice

Yes, it’s a truism, but a good one: love goes through the stomach. It doesn’t have to be the three-course menu – even something banal like scrambled eggs with tomatoes can taste better than a feast if we realize: it was made as a proof of love.

Cooking something nice

Definitely proof of love! Make sacrifices for others

You are dead tired, but in the evening, there is still this party invitation from his buddy. Even if it would probably not attract attention if you skipped: your partner will appreciate that you make a compromise as proof of love. Often the parties you don’t feel like are the best anyway.

Essential requirement: be attentive

In a survey by the online dating agency “Parship,” more than every second woman (55 percent) said that it is not always the big gestures that make them happy, but the small attentions in everyday life, the mini-proofs of love: a romantic one Breakfast in bed or a sweet love message on the fridge.

get things regulated

Just do it: get things regulated

Men often see this as their domain: they repair the dripping tap or build a new, elaborately designed shelf in the living room. Not always because they are so skilled at crafting. It should also be just a little proof of love.

proof of love

There is no more proof of love: reserve time for each other

What goes without saying for newly in love anyway, also works for long-term couples: consciously taking time for each other. Do romantic things. Be close to the other.

Surprise, surprise: surprise the other

According to the “Parship” survey, almost every third woman (30 percent) melts away when her partner spontaneously kidnaps her – be it to the cinema, for a beautiful dinner, or just for a surprising walk.

Difficult but essential: respect each other’s hobbies

Can’t understand what your favorite ice hockey player finds so exciting? For his part, he wonders what should be so great about yoga? You don’t have to understand each other’s hobbies as proof of love – but if you are benevolent instead of expressing a lack of understanding, both sides are happier.

Essential: listen carefully

You can score better with hardly anything than with careful listening. The feeling that the partner is not distracted, but rather ear is a damn good declaration of love.

A high proof of love: be reliable

It is not for nothing that can rely on each other is high on the list of partnership ideals – and is one of the most significant proofs of love. Because we know that sometimes you have to stretch a lot to keep your promises. There are always stupid situations, but those who love each other will do everything they can to keep their promises.

Do you provide these 12 proofs of love either way? Great, then maybe you can start a romantic poem. Let yourself be inspired by our lyrical collections: Sayings and Valentine’s Day sayings.

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