Happy Valentines Day My Love Messages 2020

valentines day message my love message

Here are some excerpts of love messages that can be useful for writing sweet words.you can wish your girlfriend/boyfriend Happy Valentines Day 2020.

Happy valentines day to the love of my life Messages

I love your face, your voice, your heart, your body: there is not a piece of you that I do not adore.

Angel of love and happiness, I adore you … I only live in your presence.

Think of me, love me, who lives only for you.

Every day strengthens my feelings. They have become the only business of the years that remain to be given, which are still desirable. I wish to end them with a proper attachment. Do you want to drive me after a journey, that I regret so bitterly that I did not start with you?

I need to see you, to press you on my heart, to die on your lips. Angel to me, angel adored, I need to pour my soul into yours and to find those sensations that have become my life. This life is in your hands. My blood boils, all my senses are in a hurry that your gaze and your kisses alone calm. I love you with fury, let us always be united, give me long hours.

Angel, the most unequal of angels, I love you and love only you. I only have happiness in the hope of yours. I have pleasure only sure of your desire! Tell me that you love me; tell me that you are happy, and of past enjoyment and happiness to come, and finally stop pushing back one and delaying the other. You are the only goal of my existence, the entire occupation of my thought


My love, my angel, my hope, all that I enjoy in life is in you, every drop of my blood flows only for you alone! My only loved one, devote all our life to all pleasures and joys. Let us fill each other with every kind of enjoyment and union. Our souls, our minds are made for each other. The hours I spent with you are deeply etched in my soul.


You are my obsession, it’s your voice, your hands, your eyes, your body, your skin, your way of talking, your laugh, your smell, your gestures, your reactions, your way of living, of thinking, your way to drive, everything you do I find it incredible, and so on!


For me, my love, you gave me everything, the desire to live with all your life. My darling, I think I also tell you that no man ever took me as much as you, and I think I’m making love for the first time. You must sleep my sweet darling, as your body will miss me, your beautiful thighs and the softness of your skin, your lovely buttocks cherished … Hey, I get to become sensual! 

My sweet darling, I want to tell you that I am happy, thanks to you! I have never felt so well, so close to complete happiness, everything starts and ends with you, you! You! You!!!! May no doubt ever touch you, I will live up to our love, which will be as high as love! I love you with all the strength of my soul, my heart and my skin, there will be nothing behind you. I want you to be the only one!


Little darling man, I love you; you are my life, my blue angel! I only wish one thing is to know you happy. I love you with all my soul and with all my heart, and I will always remain for you — your little end.


I want to kiss you, my love, as I want to give myself to you entirely, as I want to be under you, your hands around my throat and to hear you tell me all things that I like to hear. Oh yes, I want to be covered with you, to be nothing, to feel you, my absolute master.


I love giving you so much; I belong to you, do whatever you want with me! From your beautiful eyes tell me that I understand everything, that I accept everything, that you are my whole life! I want to be yours, to feel on me, to be without force under you, my beloved! Give me your mouth my beautiful love, your hands on me, your beautiful eyes … in a word: You!


Honey, if you knew my beautiful love as I love you, how my love is great, deep, immense, you are everything to me, and I am sure to love you always, whatever happens, my heart and my soul are yours


My heart, I love you without counting; I am ready to sacrifice everything for you. You are my Everything. With you I am complete, I love you with all my being.


I like being with you. I love everything you are; I love the melody of your voice and the tingle of your laughter. I like your delicacy, your refinement. I like your look that melts me and that each time disarms me. I love your hair, and I love your little nose that I want to kiss. I love you.


Wherever I am, your image accompanies me. Your smile is present in my eyes. Your breast presses against my heart: your voice rings around me. I love you … Farewell, angel, the charm of my life, the happiness of each of my days; goodbye, the object of love, affection, confidence, and esteem. Farewell, you, who are the object of all my sweet sensations and all my faculties of attachment.