Homemade Valentine cards ideas 2020

Homemade Valentine cards ideas

Be my Valentine! We surprise our beloved ones with handmade Valentine’s Day cards and a handwritten love greeting. You’ve already gotten all the Valentine’s Day gifts, but you’re still missing a matching Valentine’s Day card? Modern and without kitsch: With the pretty cards from Brittni, we make all our loved ones for Valentine’s Day joy.Homemade Valentine cards ideas 2020

Homemade Valentine cards ideas

Simple Valentine cards for your sweetheart

Either plain in black and white – or with a splash of colour in pink: The cards from Jeran of “Oleander and Palm” will not only be enjoyed by type fans. You can download the maps from Jeran by Oleander and Palm.

Diy valentines cards idea

Diy valentines cards idea with folding technique

Crafts are fun. Fans of the origami folding technique will be pleased about this small, fast crafting instructions. Write a sweet love message or Valentine’s Day sayings for your favorite human on paper and the surprise is perfect. 

Creative valentine card 

Creative valentine card 

The beauty of DIY: You can write desired texts on your Valentine cards and gifts. This card may be understood with a wink. The detailed crafting instructions and the template can be found at Tutus and Tea Parties. Here you can also work well with light construction paper. 

Make a card with a surprise effect

A simple card for Valentine’s Day with a pop-up heart and plenty of space for sayings and expressions of Love. Whether in white or made of cardboard – DIY Valentine’s Day cards can be personalized. How to make this card, you read at Mini eco.

Playful print templates for Valentine’s cards

Download, print and even write a personal love greeting – at Sohosonnet you will find a selection of cards for Valentine’s Day for download.

Simple Valentine’s Day card for printing

A simple card that you can hang on the wall. You can download the map from Little Inspiration.

Are cheeky crafting ideas complacent?

This card comes with a load of hearts confetti. If you are looking for Valentine’s Day gift that comes from the heart, you can also bake Valentine’s Day cake.

Fancy DIY valentine cards

This card is decorated with balloons in the shape of a heart. Just place the hearts next to and behind each other and stick one half of the little heart on the card.

Tinker with glitter

Gifts without Valentine’s cards are only half as cute. This printable card will even add a touch of glamour on Valentine’s Day. The print templates can be downloaded from Love from the Oven.

Valentine cards with a bag

Valentine cards with a bag

Not only love greetings but also vouchers for movie nights, a romantic dinner with a special Valentine’s Day menu or a self-written poem are perfect in our Valentine’s Day cards made of fabric with hearts. Our second card is decorated with a simple XOXO that translates to “hugs and kisses”, i.e. “hugs and kisses”. With these creative cards, you can not only surprise your loved ones for Valentine’s Day but also many other lovely people in your life.

That’s what you need for the Valentine card:

  • older men’s shirt or shirt fabric
  • Fimo soft in red or a heart button
  • the blank white card in A6
  • double-sided adhesive tape
  • sewing machine
  • cutter
  • needle and thread

So you make the card with the bag:

1. Cut out

Cut out of the fabric a rectangle in the size of the card and a small bag (Caution: cut out 1 cm more massive than it should later be large).

2. Sew around

Fold the top edge of the pack an inch and sew it tight. Now fold over the sides and bottom edges. Maybe short iron. Now sew the bag in the middle of the rectangle.

3. polymer clay heart

Roll out the polymer clay approx. Two millimetres thick and cut out a heart. With a sharp object (toothpick, Kugekschreiberspitze or similar), you can now spit in two small holes. Harden and let cool after packing instruction.

4. Sew on the heart button

Sew the heart button on the bag.

If the blank card is glued with double-sided adhesive tape, the films are peeled off, and the fabric base is placed with the pocket. Gently rub inside out, being careful not to wrinkle.

5. Cutaway the supernatants

Remove any protrusions with a (sharp!) Cutter.

6. Write a greeting

Write a sweet greeting for Valentine’s Day. Put the coupon or another surprise in your pocket and give it away.

Homemade Valentine cards ideas 2020

That’s what you need for the XOXO card:

  • white blank folding card (or cardboard)
  • two pink or red buttons
  • Wool or Sticktwist in red or pink
  • a small piece of neon pink construction paper
  • double-sided adhesive tape
  • Needle and scissors

Here’s how to make the XOXO card:

1. Cut the map around

Use the pair of scissors to cut the corners of the card (you can, for example, put a bottle cap in the corner, trace it in pencil and then cut it).

2. Measure distances

Now lay down the buttons at the bottom and adjust the gaps so that there are two Xs in between. Lightly mark the corner points of the X with a pencil.

3. Embroider the “X”

Now with the thread from left to right embroider an X, then sew on a button or embroider an X and sew on the second button.

4. Stick on

Attach double-sided tape to the neon board and cut out a strip. Stick under the XOXO. Finished!

We hope you enjoy crafting and a romantic Valentine’s Day!