Make Valentines Day mailboxes for children |26 Great Ideas 2020

On Valentine’s Day, lovers make gifts to express their affection. They are flowers, chocolates or homemade Valentine’s Day cards with romantic quotes. Valentine’s Day makes children’s hearts beat faster! Many students give each other gifts at school or would like to have something extraordinary made for Valentine’s Day. Valentines Day mailboxes for children in 2020

Make mailboxes for declarations of love for Valentine’s Day

Make mailboxes for declarations of love for Valentine's Day

For everyone who receives or sends a lot of Valentine’s letters, we have a particularly original idea: to make your own mailbox, where the declarations of love are collected and kept. These beautiful boxes can also serve as packaging for Valentine’s Day presents. Let your whole family join in!

Make and decorate the mailbox for Valentine’s Day

Make and decorate the mailbox for Valentine's Day
To make such a letterbox for Valentine’s Day, you can use a cereal box, a shoebox or another box made of cardboard. You don’t have to change the shape, just the design shouldn’t stay the same. Recycling has never been so fun!
#1. From shoebox or cardboard boxFrom shoe box or cardboard box
Below we offer you some wonderful ideas for children that are easy to imitate. The most commonly used materials include: construction paper, toilet paper, washi tape, heart rhinestones, pipe cleaners, paper plates, felt, buttons and loose eyes. Let yourself be inspired! Learn More
#2. Robot in love
Robot in love
Children can collect their cards in this beautiful robot box on Valentine’s Day. For this DIY project you need two boxes in different sizes, two empty toilet paper rolls, acrylic paint in silver, silver round head clips, brush, hot glue gun or tape, scissors and cutter knife, washi tape, two red pipe cleaners, markers, construction paper in pink, heart rhinestones and valentine’s day stickers.
#3. Instructions for copying
Instructions for copying
Make the slit-shaped opening in the upper part of the larger box. Where the robot’s chest should be. Use the hot glue gun to glue the smaller box onto the larger box. Now the head and body are fixed together. Attach the round head clips – four on each side of the head and six on the front of the larger box. These are the “fastening bolts” of the robot.
#4. Toilet roll legs
Toilet roll legs
Paint the two boxes in silver and let them dry well. Then apply a second coat of paint. In the meantime, cut two hearts out of the pink construction paper and make the legs of the robot out of toilet paper rolls. Bend the pipe cleaners to look like the hands of the robot and glue them to the sides of the big box.Learn More

#5. stick on red hearts

stick on red hearts

Draw the face of the robot with a marker and stick the heart eyes in the desired place. Add a few more embellishments like red heart rhinestones. Write your child’s name on the back of the robot to give it an individual touch.

#6. The hungry monster

the hungry monster

This three-eyed monster needs to be fed Valentine’s cards! An original idea that your son would definitely like. This box is also suitable as a decoration for his room.

#7. Penguin


Penguins are always well dressed and look like gentlemen in tails. This little guy is the perfect companion for a little lady. To decorate the box like a penguin, you simply need two black feathers, heart-shaped doilies, wiggling eyes and some hearts made of glitter paper.

#8. Classic design

classic design

This mailbox looks like the lockers found in American schools. The three slots form the locker ventilation. Self-adhesive magnetic tape can be used well here.

#9. Hippo


This cute hippo consists of two boxes of different sizes – a facial tissue box and a biscuit box. They are either painted or covered with paper. Pink is used in the mouth of the hippopotamus.Learn More

#10. Material and instructions

Material and instructions

Cut out various decorations from paper to imitate the face of the hippopotamus. Teardrop-shaped pieces of paper as ears, oval eyes, pink cheeks, and black heart-shaped nostrils. Two white rectangles made of foam rubber are glued as teeth in the mouth.

#11. Make cute owl for Valentine’s Day

Make cute owl for Valentine's Day

Owls are a popular motif for children’s room decorations, children’s birthday decorations, carnival and Halloween costumes as well as fun games and craft projects. The owl’s face is very easy to depict – they have a small pointed beak and large round eyes.

#12. The bag can also be used instead of a box

a bag can also be used instead of a box

Instead of a box, a brown paper bag can be decorated like an owl. Small children are also welcome to participate. You can cut out the various shapes that are required for the owl’s face, or you can assemble and glue the individual elements.

#13. Cut out elements from foam rubber

Cut out elements from foam rubber

– for the eyes: two large red circles, two pink circles with a wave edge, two white circles, two black circles

– for the beak and the feet: a heart-shaped piece of foam rubber in white and two in pink

– For the wing and feather ears: two ovals and 2 smaller triangles in brown

– The owl’s plumage is formed by three stripes in pink and red with a wavy edge.

#14. Bird feeder made of paper

Bird feeder made of paper

In many ways, white doves are ambassadors of love. Carrier pigeons used to be used to convey messages – often between lovers. Then it would also be a great idea if the mailbox looks like a bird feeder.

#15. Make a unicorn box for Valentine’s Day

Make a unicorn box for Valentine's Day

Little girls love unicorns! These mystical creatures often appear in fairy tales and are popular for their elegance and magical powers. They are often companions of the beautiful princesses! Learn More

#16. Unicorn card box made of two boxes

Unicorn card box made of two boxes

The unicorn mailbox can be made up of one or two boxes. Embellishments of all kinds are used, such as curling tapes in silver, gold, blue and pink, felt, clay and glitter paper. The most important part is, of course, the horn! It can also be the focus.

#17. Frog Prince

frog Prince

Who does not know the fairy tale about the frog prince of the Brothers Grimm. The king’s daughter frees the prince from the curse of an evil witch. And they live happily ever after.

#18. Panda


#19. Tinker American mailbox for valentine’s day

tinker american mailbox for valentine's day

Since the tradition of Valentine’s Day cards originally came from the USA, an American mailbox can also be made. It is tunnel-shaped and has a signal flag on the left side. If the flag is up, this is a signal for the postman that there is mail for him in the mailbox to take away.

#20. Tinker out of cereal cardboard or a template

Tinker out of cereal cardboard or a template

The letterbox with flags can be made from an empty cereal box or using a template. It is important that the front flap can be opened and closed.

#21. make Tunnel-shaped mailbox for Valentine’s Day

make tunnel-shaped mailbox for Valentine's Day

The mailbox for lovers can also be decorated in different ways. It is best to use decorative scrapbooking paper for the tunnel-shaped center piece. The movable flag is best attached to the main part with a sample bag clip.

#22. simple foundation

simple foundation

In addition to Valentine’s Day cards, the mailbox also has enough space for sweets and small gifts. An original way to wrap a gift for Valentine’s Day, isn’t it?

#23. Blackboard paint also offers many design options here

Blackboard paint also offers many design options here

Chalkboard paint has been very popular for a few years and is very popular with many DIY projects. With blackboard paint you can add cheerful accents or turn the entire cardboard mailbox into a practical note space.

#24. Minion card box

Minion card box

Shipping tubes are also perfect for crafting Valentine’s Day. They are made of hard paper and are available in different sizes. It is best to use a shipping tube with a larger diameter (100 – 150 mm) so that the cards fit into it. Paint it yellow first, then draw the Minion’s blue pants, buttons, and front pocket.Learn More

#25. Mini hair made of black pipe cleaners

Mini hair made of black pipe cleaners

Carefully cut a rectangular opening in the push-in lid with a cutter knife. Incidentally, it should also be painted yellow. Use a puncher or punch to make a hole in front of the opening for the Minion’s hair. 6 pipe cleaners are passed through the hole and fixed. The mini glasses are made from a cover ring.

#26. Bee mailbox from a large plastic container

Bee mailbox from a large plastic container

Almost every container can be decorated creatively and appropriately for Valentine’s Day. Let your imagination run wild and think outside the box! Make something special for Valentine’s Day with your children!

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