Singles on Valentines day 2020 | Happy Valentines day

To spend Valentine’s Day as a single sounds sad. But it does not have to be. We have eight great ideas for you on how to enjoy the day anyway. You hate Valentine’s Day because you’re single? Unnecessary. Singles on Valentine’s day. The 14th of February can still be a real highlight for you, and you have to make it – how about that? What should I do for Valentine’s Day 2020?

try something new on valentines day

Try something New on Valentines day

Try something new

Each of us has a few hobbies that warm his heart – even if it’s the good old “meeting friends” or “going to the movies”. How about taking Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to try something completely new? For example, a new sport, a dance class (you can go there on your own!) Or a DIY project that starts at home. This distracts super from perhaps unwanted heart lard in the area – and makes fun at best!

Gift yourself on valentines day

Gift yourself on valentines day

Gift yourself

Because you deserve it! Not only because it’s Valentine’s Day and you’re single. But simply because you are a great person. And if couples already give each other for the day of love, you should not go out empty-handed! Is there anything you’ve wanted for a long time, but never bought it because it was a little too expensive? Today is the day to be generous – buy your gift!

Travel on Valentine's Day

Travel on Valentine’s Day

Travel on Valentine’s Day

Yes – a great idea! Because when travelling, you are usually happy and rarely in a bad mood. If you do not like to go on vacation alone, maybe a friend who is also single is coming. Check out new people, countries, cities this February. And fall in love with the world for Valentine’s Day!

Watch a love movie

Watch a love movie

Who says singles are not allowed to enjoy romance on Valentine’s Day? Must not be a super-Schulze, in which two soul mates swear true love. There’s certainly a charming comedy with a Hollywood hottie that you like and does not make you feel like the only unloved person in the world. Our tip: “Crazy Stupid Love” with Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone!

Plan your Dating on Valentines day

Plan your Dating on Valentines day

Plan your Dating

Dating on Valentine’s Day? Why not? It is for singles but an excellent starting signal for online dating portals or Tinder. Log in and create a beautiful profile. Getting a little appetite can not hurt. And who knows, maybe you have your first date soon!

Find like-minded people

Are you a Valentines Grinch? Then look for single-girlfriends who do not like men, romantic heart balloons, roses and couples in love. Just be anti. And the party well!

Have sex on valentines day

Have sex

Me too, you think now. Having planned sex outside of a relationship is pretty easy in times of Tinder and online dating. Must not be a guy you’ve only known for two minutes. And if you are not the type of non-committal fun with men: There is also the vibrator … 😉

Spoil yourself as a single on Valentine’s Day

Whether it’s a nice bubble bath, an evening at the spa or the biggest pizza of your ordering service, many things can sweeten Valentine’s Day. See it this way: If you can not spend the day of love with a partner or a partner, then you celebrate self-love, by being very good to you – Master dating is finally in fashion anyway! Singles on Valentines day 2020 

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