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You are a romantic and crazy lover. She is lucky your sweet and beautiful! From me to you, romance is lost nowadays. Few have become men who send a sweet note to their darling. So, I explain: Note on a sheet of paper 2 or 3 sentences of your choice, work a little your brain to customize your writings for your darling, copying all on your mobile phone before having selected the right number (Yes, it would be a boob to eat anyone!), and then press the critical Send: Ay, your sweet and beloved has just received your SMS message of love! Is it simple right? Sweet Valentines day Message

Lots of people ask questions from me that where are the best message for Valentine Day? How do you wish someone Happy Valentine’s Day? Will you be my Valentine messages for him? How do I wish my friend a Valentine? So answers to all these questions are below.

45 beautiful valentines day message

45 Best valentines day message

I wish at this moment to have you on my knees and to cover your divine mouth with kisses. 


There is no sun without the brightness of your flesh; it is not night without the desire of your arms. 


You are the most beautiful in the sky. 


On your beautiful body, I will write words of love, so that you think of me always, always and again. 


Tonight, near you, my lips will only find kisses. 


Life without you seems to be more than a desert. 


I can not live without you; you are my oxygen, the sun that warms my heart; you are everything for me. 


My real heaven is in you; I live only in your eyes. 


Yesterday, without you, it was death; today, with you, it’s life. 


I am not jealous of your past; it is your future that I want. 


I want to live a hundred years, as long as it’s with you. 


A kiss from you will never be too short, as long as it lasts as long as our life. 

When your lips of roses suck mine, I lose my head. 


My heart will never be exhausted, may you pick all the tenderness it contains for you. 


Without you, my days are without sun, my solitude unbearable; without you, my nights are without sleep, my dreams abominable. 


To live without you is to live without joy, without my love; to live far from you is to die a little more each day. 


Let us live the present moment, without curse the past; stopwatches, banish calendars; let every moment be an eternity, make every second last a lifetime: You and I, the two of us, alone in this world to infinity. 


I wake up full of you. Your portrait and the memories of our first meeting left no rest to my senses. My sweet and adorable, you are alone in my heart, you occupy all my mind: I love you to infinity. 


Receive these burning kisses on your lips, on your heart: Your love that thinks of you. 


You occupy all my heart, day and night, wherever I am: your man who loves you with love. 


Meaning that I am with you, in you every moment, wherever you are: I love you, my love. 


I’m burning to see you again. Receive the thousand and one kisses of the most tender and passionate love. 


Without you, without your heart, without your love, there is neither happiness nor life for me; know that you are in me, with me wherever I am: I embrace you like a madman. 


You are the sun that warms me, the light that illuminates me; you are the fire that flares me, the pure water that quenches me. 

Valentines card

What should I write in my crush’s Valentines card?

A thousand kisses on your eyes, on your lips, and your tongue. 


To live without thinking of you, it would be for my death. 


I love you, madly, and never will my heart stop loving you. 


I love you, infinitely, to madness, to lose your head. 


A thousand kisses on your beautiful eyes. 


A thousand tender kisses, my soul is in yours. 


The sun shines for all, and you are for me. 


Everything in you pleases me, and makes me crack! 


I have known love only by you. 


It is impossible to love you as I love you. 


A thousand kisses to the most beautiful of flowers: I love you, my heart. 


The only good that can charm me is neither gold nor crowns: it is the gift of loving you. 


Only when I am in your arms, do I feel at home. 


Never forget that I love you. 


You are my sun, the light of my life. 


When you are snuggled up against me, my heart overflows with joy. 


I can sacrifice everything to the world, except your love. 


I am waiting for you, and I love you; make me what you want. 


I love you with all my soul, and I love you with all my heart. 


Give me your mouth and your eyes that I get lost forever. 


If your heart is cold, come into my arms, they are of flame. 

valentines day message

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