Valentines day gifts ideas for him and her 2020

February 14th and thus Valentine’s Day is approaching! If you are still looking for a present for your sweetheart: don’t panic! We show you 10 unique Valentines day gifts ideas for him and her. And even if you or your partner are allergic to too much romance, there is guaranteed to be a suitable Valentine gift for him or her.

Valentine’s Day gifts for men: guaranteed kitsch-free!

Heart-shaped candy boxes, red roses, and romantic proofs of love are the classic Valentine’s gifts. But such gifts are not necessarily well-received by men. We propose four very different, but guaranteed kitsch-free gift ideas for Valentine’s Day for your sweetheart.

DIY idea for Valentine's Day

1. DIY idea for Valentine’s Day: waste time

Giving away a voucher is certainly never wrong. How about a whole bunch of coupons? Steffi from the gifts of love blog shows how you can create a very personal valentine gift for your loved one: she has made 12 vouchers for joint activities, one of which can be redeemed every month throughout the year. Whether film evening, BBQ, or a hike – there are no limits to your imagination. Just think about what activities your partner will enjoy and want to experience together.


2. Curry instead of kitsch

Or should it be something hearty for Valentine’s Day? If your partner is enthusiastic about currywurst, then serve him the gourmet package curry-tastic with two ceramic bowls, curry sauce and powder, wooden pickles, and serviettes. It’s best to enjoy together on Valentine’s Day!

For wine lovers

3. For wine lovers

If your partner likes to enjoy good wine, he will be happy to have a special bottle. If you are unsure about which wine to buy, it is best to get advice from a professional in a wine shop.

Always practical: the right tool for wine connoisseurs! Your partner will be delighted with the package consisting of a corkscrew, drip rings, wine thermometer, bottle stopper and pouring spout – especially if these wine accessories are so elegant :

pampering massage


4. Give away a pampering massage

Not only after a long, hard day’s work, you often want a massage. Particularly beautiful and romantic when your partner massages you. So why not give your loved one a relaxing massage?

With dimmed light, a few candles and relaxation music, you can create a pleasant atmosphere in no time.

By the way: Lavender fragrance is ideal for soothing relaxation because lavender has a calming effect and can ensure better sleep. In our shop, you will find the matching room fragrance “Aura” with lavender.

If you feel like it, you can also make your massage bar from coconut oil and cocoa butter. This is an excellent alternative to massage oils: use it to massage the skin, melt the bars, and care for the skin. Instructions for a homemade massage bar can be found on youtube.

Five beautiful and personal Valentine’s Day gifts for her

Finding a beautiful and unusual valentine gift for your girlfriend or wife drives beads of sweat on your forehead? We present six ideas that your partner is guaranteed to be happy about for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine gift for her

For those with a sweet tooth

Chocolate or chocolates for Valentine’s Day – a classic. And if your girlfriend is a real sweet tooth, a cute gift is the right choice. We show you in which form you can give chocolate for the day of lovers, without appearing uninspired or uncreative.

Bathroom romance for Valentine's Day

1. Bathroom romance for Valentine’s Day

Always a good, because of a very romantic idea for Valentine’s Day: surprise your girlfriend with a shared bubble bath.

She’s looking forward to a romantic date in the bathroom on Valentine’s Day.

Decorate the bathroom with candles or tea lights – so you provide atmospheric light. In the background, a cuddly skirt or a playlist with your friend’s favorite songs can run. Prepare beautiful towels, put warm water in the bathtub, add a fragrant bath additive, and provide a bottle of sparkling wine and glasses.

Bake cakes

2. Bake cakes

If you like to cook yourself or want to stand in the oven especially for the day of lovers, you will find many great baking recipes especially for Valentine’s Day on the blog Baking makes you happy. Your loved one will be happy about a homemade surprise!

Curry instead of kitsch

3. Seductive: Give away a chocolate candy course

Not only homemade things are well received on the day of love – but joint activities are also a great gift. For example, a chocolate candy course where you and your partner learn together how to make chocolate candies yourself. Simply research where such courses are available in your area.

4. Cheers, to love!

You should toast with your loved one on Valentine’s Day – there are more than enough reasons: for you, for us, for love!

Give away a pampering massage

5. Pampering program for the senses

A long day in the office, then a quick shopping, picking up the kids, and having dinner – there is little time to sit back and relax. A great Valentine’s Day idea in hectic times is to give your loved ones a short time for themselves simply.

With selected bathroom accessories and cosmetics – for example, from our spa jar or the stylish La Volière care package – you can pamper yourself after a busy day.

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