Valentines Day Love Quotes For Her | 24 Best Valentines Quotes 2020

Do you think she will wait another 12 months to receive a sweet word from you? If so, you are a dreamer! Prove to him your love every day, show him how much he counts in your eyes, and how much you love him; and, like all those lacking inspiration, avoid buying a banal bouquet of roses at the last moment, or worse, a battery of saucepans … see a trendy pressure cooker! Go, write him a beautiful sentence, forget the I love you to do that she has heard thousands of times, and heal your writings stop!

Do you have lots of questions like What should I write on a Valentines card for my girlfriend? How do I wish my girlfriend, Happy Valentines Day? What should I write in my crush’s Valentines card? Can you say Happy Valentine Day to a friend? What is the best gift for a girlfriend on Valentine? The answers to all these questions I write below, so don’t worry.

Sweet valentines day love quotes

Sweet valentines day love quotes

Sweet valentines day love quotes

A day spent near you, one day during which I will have looked at you will have earned me a lifetime. 


Love you and be loved by you forever, cuddle and cherish you, that’s for the future … my only project. 


I send you treasures of tenderness and adoration, put them in the depths of your heart. 


Your eyes are my joy, your youth my energy, your smile traces the way in the maze of my life; my heart is only a sigh away from you, my soul breathes only near you. 


You are my Valentine to young wrinkles, the adonis of my candid soul; your arrow pierced my body 15 years ago, forever inflaming my child’s heart. 

Valentines Day Love Quotes For Her 2020

What attracts me in you is your simplicity, your sincerity, your naturalness and your aspiration to happiness. Never change your character because that’s how I love you, and I will always love you. 


I love you for what you are, I love you for all the love that is in your heart, and I love you with a love that can not be explained, mainly when it transports me in your arms and my dreams. It proves to me how lucky I am to have you: I love you, my love, I will always love you. 


The most substantial feelings have always frightened me, but when your voice and your words make my heartbeat, I realize that I have always belonged to you, and I wonder how I lived without you so long. I must also confess that a long and beautiful path near you, made of cooperation, trust and fidelity tempts me enormously. It is said that to love oneself too much one always ends up getting lost. But I can not help but love you very much. And looking forward to hearing from you very soon in the hollow of my ears, I tenderly put on your lips a kiss forever. Your little miss. 


You are my great happiness, the sun of my grey days, the moon full of my black nights. You are the sound of the waves coming to rest in my heart. You are the Tramontane who comes to breathe in my life. Know that the love I carry you will never diminish and that it rhymes with only one word: Always. 

Sweet valentines day love quotes

Rivers, seas and oceans, can not put an end to my love; you are the only prince charming, whose night and a day I dream. 


The more I discover you, the more I love you. My heart beats only for you. 


My heart is too full of you to ever be to another; I love you, and I will love you until the last day of my life. 


I love you every day more. 


If it were necessary to murder to see you, I would become a murderer. 


You are the only thought of my life. 


I put my hand on my heart; your portrait beats there. 


To die without being loved by you is the torment of hell. 


My happiness is that you are happy, my joy that you are satisfied. 


You are for me a world that I can not explain; I love you every day more. 


A kiss on your mouth, another on your heart. My happiness is attached to yours. 


To be able to see you is my sovereign happiness, I adore everything in you. I’m all yours. 


Never an hour passes without thinking of you; I love you. 


The land is beautiful in my eyes only because you live it. 


You are beautiful to eat; I love you. 

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