25+ Valentines day text messages for her | Happy Valentines Day 2020

Valentines day text messages for her  

A text message for Valentine’s Day is always a pleasure. Valentines Day 2020 is approaching, and you are looking for a beautiful message to send by text to the man or woman of your life? Send a beautiful little text of Love for Valentines Day is the attention that your boyfriend or girlfriend will appreciate for sure! You will find here many examples, to send a funny, original or classic text to your companion and even why not to your best friend and your family (sister, mom, dad …) on occasion the feast of all lovers (and people who love each other)!If you want to send a text to a woman or a man at the beginning of a relationship, choose a short and straightforward message. So Questions I got many peoples is What should I say on Valentines Day text? What’s your special Valentine’s message for your partner? How do you wish someone a Happy Valentine? All the answer is below.

Valentine day messages love

Valentine day messages love

Valentine day messages love

Happy Valentine’s Day 2020, my darling! The flowers and the chocolates being of tradition in this festival of the lovers, I hope for my part to fall on a sweet kissed flowers and fresh! See you tonight.


Valentine’s Day is like a box of chocolates; we always know what we will find there: the woman of his life. You, my darling!


Life goes so fast. She knows how to occupy us without giving us many phases of rest. Valentine’s Day is here to remind us that we must let go of the ballast and that Love is more important than anything. Have a good day!


It’s Valentine’s Day, and since I’m neither Shakespeare nor Rimbaud, I can only tell you one thing today: I love you!


Three rules are imperative on Valentine’s Day: A delicious restaurant, background music and the person you love in front of you. See you tonight to pay tribute to all lovers! I love you.


Although it is usually difficult for me to express my feelings for you, I would like to take this special Day to thank you for being the sweetest, most caring and most endearing person I know. I enjoy each Day by your side.


On this Day of lovers, I wanted to make you three promises: to be always there for you, to respect you and to love you all my life! I love you and happy Valentine’s Day!

Short Valentines Day Poems

Short Valentines Day Poems

Short Valentines Day Poems

Put a little poetry in your text messages in honor of the feast of all lovers! Besides if there is a day where you can afford it, especially if you’re not used to it, it’s that Day

V for Valentine because you are the only one

A for Love because it is what we celebrate this Day

L for Love because our Love is universal

E for eternal because our Love is infinite

N for Night and Day, because our Love is timeless

T for Sadness because I’ll never know her by your side

I for Invitation because tonight you’ll be my host for a delicious dinner

N for Night because dinner is just the beginning of the festivities.

I love the month of February because despite the cold that tries to chill us …

The chocolates, the kisses and the appointments in the restaurant are there to warm our hearts. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Funny Valentines Day message

Funny Valentines Day message

Happy Valentine’s Day … but a strange celebration when you think about it. All lovers who are celebrating a big happy baby naked flying with a gun in hand, it’s weird! It’s a little psychopath! Fortunately, they did not choose Santa!


Happy Valentine’s Day, darling! I warn you tonight I play Cupid! I’m going to shoot a pretty flaming arrow in your little heart of gold until it melts! I bring you the big game!

Message to invite someone for Valentine's Day

Message to invite someone for Valentine’s Day

Message to invite someone for Valentine’s Day

You are alone on this Day of lovers’ Day, but a person holds a special place in your heart? Humorously ask him/her. Here are some fun text messages to invite someone for Valentine’s Night.


I know someone who wants to have dinner with you tonight! He is big, he is small, he always walks with a weapon, he has a cruel smile, and he has the name of a psychopath: “Cupid”. If you want, I can get rid of it by inviting you to dinner before him.


The flowers make me sneeze, the chocolates get more prominent and the hearts red heart attacks, so what would you say not to celebrate Valentine’s Day in my company but to spend this evening (or next) on my ark of Noah, at home, in front of a kind glass and a tasty dish that I will have prepared for you.

Valentine's Day message for friends

Valentine’s Day message for friends

Valentine’s Day message for friends

Even if it’s a lovers’ Day, do not forget your friends. Send them a text message to show them that you are thinking about them too. Fun and original messages.


Happy Valentine’s Day to all! Those who are caught, who are soon caught, those who think they are found, those who are taken seriously, those who pray to be picked…


Monsieur Valentin is not here only for lovers! It is also present for people who care for each other. So to you my friend, I wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day!


Happy Valentine’s Day to all! Whether you have a valentine or a valentine, know that someone is thinking of you this Day! Smile and enjoy every Day of the year!


Most people ignore it but “Happy Valentine’s Day” written backwards gives Nitnelav Tnias Esueyoj in Cherubine language. And from what Cupid told me it means “I had you well”!

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