Best flowers for valentines day & their Meaning in 2020

A small bouquet as a thank you, a lush bouquet with apologies or a single flower with a definite meaning “just so”. Best flowers for valentines day are the most popular gift on almost all occasions. Just celebrate on Valentine’s Day Flowers their day of honour as they have a complete command of the language of love. But the flower shop is often spoiled for choice, because the variants for romantic bouquets on February 14 are numerous. “Are roses old fashioned? Which flowers best express my feelings? Does the colour of the flower also matter?” Today we will give you a few tips on choosing flowers for Valentine’s Day and explain what they mean. So you can send the right message to your partner through the flowers. Whether freshly in love or married for years, there are many ways to say “I love you” with flowers.

Deliver the right message with flowers for Valentine’s Day

Deliver the right message with flowers for Valentine's Day

According to the results of a survey on, mixed bouquets and bouquets of roses are most popular with women for Valentine’s Day. Basically, you can never go wrong with a bouquet of roses, but there are a lot of other flowers that also speak the language of love wonderfully. So you can put together a very individual love message into a colourful bouquet.

Give roses for Valentine’s Day

Give roses for Valentine's Day

The roses are one of the most popular flowers for Valentine’s Day of the Germans. Red roses convey deep emotions – be it, love, longing or desire. The number of red roses in the bouquet also has an extraordinary meaning and often stands for the duration of the relationship. It would be an excellent idea to use flowers to represent the number of months or years that you’ve been together.

However, the different colours of the rose can express different levels of affection:

– White roses symbolize loyalty and purity and represent a fresh start.

– Yellow roses bring sunny feelings, are symbols of friendship and care. Unlike the others, this “Queen of Flowers” ​​is less suitable than a romantic gesture because it is considered a symbol of infidelity and envy.

The yellow roses can also say “I beg your pardon”.

– Pink roses express tender feelings and gratitude.

– Orange-coloured roses are reminiscent of a burning flame and are a sign of happiness and happiness in the partnership.

Mixed bouquet of roses

Mixed bouquet of roses

With several roses in different colours, you can put together a bouquet full of emotions. For example, a bouquet of red and white roses would mean the following: “I love you passionately and my intentions are honourable.”

A random mix of roses would also convey mixed feelings: “I’m not sure of my feelings yet, but I like you enough to send you roses.”

The second most popular flowers for Valentine’s Day are the tulips

The second most popular flowers for Valentine's Day are the tulips

Tulips symbolize new beginnings and are the perfect choice when you are just starting a new relationship. The darker the colour of the tulips in the bouquet, the stronger the affection. According to a Turkish legend, the red tulip stands for “perfect and everlasting love”.

Orchids – perfect love

Orchids - perfect love

Orchids are reminiscent of the distant lands of their origin and can add an exotic touch to any mixed bouquet for Valentine’s Day. They are particularly beautiful and stand for physical pleasure, sensuality, perfect beauty and dedication. Anyone who gives orchids for Valentine’s Day wants to express their opinion that the recipient is something very special and perfect like the blossom of this flower.

Aristocratic lilies

Aristocratic lilies

Noble lilies are a good alternative to roses on Valentine’s Day and also represent real, true love. The meaning of lilies depends primarily on the colour. In red it can stand for passion, while the white lily symbolizes real love. Yellow expresses envy and resentment, while the orange lily expresses a lack of interest.

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